Frameless Shower Door Hardware

There are several choices when it comes to the hardware used in the installation of your frameless shower door enclosure. Here are a few of the more popular options.

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Frameless Shower Door Enclosures Hardware Finishes


Arch Handle

Square Handle

Ergonomic Handle

C Pull

Traditional Handle

H Style Handle

Antique Handle

Miter Handle

Circle Handle


Majestic Glass to Glass - 135°

Maxum Offset

Majestic Glass to Glass 180°

Majestic Offset with Beveled Edge

Maxum Glass to Glass 135°

Maxum Glass to Glass 180°


Beveled Cp90 Miter Clip

Square Cwm Clip

Beveled Cpwm Clip

Square Designer Clip

Beveled Premiere Clip

Square C90 Miter Clip


Clamp on Robe or Towel hook

Through the glass Robe or Towel hook


Traditional Knob

Deluxe Series Knob

Ribbed Bow Tie Knob

Colonial Knob

Euro Knob

Contemporary Knob

Flair Knob

Cresent Knob

Junior Contemporary Knob