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Frameless glass shower doors add elegance and class to any bathroom. But what other benefits are there? Wouldn’t a shower curtain keep water out just the same? The answer is no, it won’t and there are other factors to consider.

Shower curtains need to be cleaned frequently or mildew will build up on them. Also, shower curtains are often left outside of the tub after use dripping water on your bathroom floor. Water dripping on the bathroom floor may not seem like a big deal but if this occurs on a regular basis, water can seep down into the floorboards and rot the wood leading to a pricey repair down the road.

Also, most shower curtains are made of vinyl and contain polyvinyl chloride (PVC? PVC contains hazardous chemicals that are extremely bad for one’s health and the environment as well. They release volatile organic compounds, DEHP (carcinogen) and organotins into the air. The hazardous toxins can be the cause of nausea, headaches, respiratory issues and liver, kidney and nervous system damage. Kids are more sensitive as their bodies are growing and the chemicals can stunt their growth.

Non-PVC shower curtains are available and they contain EVA a healthier vinyl alternative but still are not environmentally friendly. Fabric shower curtains are machine washable but soak up water during a shower.

Shower doors are made of safety tempered glass and provide years of worry free use with minimal amount of maintenance.

Custom designed frameless shower doors and enclosures are custom made to fit any bathroom design. Frameless shower enclosures give your bathroom a modern finished appearance with increased water leak prevention.

The bathroom is the most frequently used room in the house so if you are considering doing on upgrade to your home, the bath should be one of the first room to consider. A stylish fresh bathroom design with a frameless shower door enclosure will increase your homes value.

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