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People invest time and money into a high quality, beautiful glass shower door enclosure to enhance their bath room area. However, oftentimes hard water stains on the glass shower screens and doors make them look dull. They appear as hazy, white marks on the glass surfaces caused by a build-up of high levels of alkaline and other dissolved minerals like calcium and magnesium in the water.

Preventing these hard water stains in your shower is comparatively easy, but usually goes ignored. Once a glass shower door gets stained with hard water, it becomes notoriously tough if not difficult to make them look sparkling new again.

You can eradicate residue from hard water, for sure, but that buildup also destroys the glass by scratching it. You can’t undo that.
Fortunately, there are various ways to protect your shower doors and screens from stains of hard water and get them back into sparkling condition.

Follow these how to protect your shower from hard water stains tips so that the hard water stains on your glass shower door does not become stubborn.

Don’t Let Hard Water Dry on Your Glass Shower Doors

One of the simplest ways to protect your glass shower doors from hard water stains is to wipe them immediately when water comes in contact with your shower doors. This will prevent the hard water from evaporating and leaving behind the mineral deposit to make damage to your glass surfaces. After taking showers, use a towel or a glass squeegee to remove the water accumulated on the shower glass doors, tiles and fixtures. In this way, you can prevent hard water stains from building on your glass surface. Maintain your shower room every day. Otherwise, stains of hard water will quickly emerge.

Use a Spray Cleaner On Shower Doors

If you don’t like to squeegee your shower glass surfaces after every shower then use a spray cleaner to prevent the hard water stains to crop up. A number of people also make use of Rain-X as an option in place of this as well to decelerate the rate at which that yucky hard water stains can build up.

Use Mineral-Fighting Solutions

Numerous solutions are available to get rid of hard water stains in the homes. There are additionally many all natural ways that are effective, yet safe. A mixture of lemon juice and white vinegar is an excellent solution to combat hard water stains in sinks, toilets, and on shower surfaces. You can use this mixture as a spray, or let it sit for the harder to remove stains and then clean with a brush suggested for the surface.

Buy a water softener

Water softeners are an excellent way to treat hard water issues in the entire house. They remove the dissolved minerals from the hard water before they get in contact with the sinks, toilets, and shower surfaces. They also provide a protection against mineral deposits in water pipes, a water problem that simple cleaning liquids can’t fix.

If you have already fitted glass shower rooms in the bathroom, then try the above-mentioned how to protect your shower from hard water stains tips to keep your shower rooms sparkling. But, if you are thinking about upgrading your bathroom with glass shower doors to a more stylish one or looking for fitting new ones, California Shower Doors is the best choice you can visit for all your shower room requirements!

We can install the highest quality frameless shower door enclosure in your bathrooms. Every California Frameless Shower Enclosure is a work of art and is custom designed to enhance existing architecture which will also serve as the focal point of your dream bathroom.

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