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How To Clean and Care For Your Frameless Shower Doors Enclosure

Dirty showers can be more harmful to your body than just bad on the eyes. WebMD says “Keep shower walls and floors free of mold and mildew.” A study by researchers at University of Colorado found that showerheads can be a breeding ground for biofilm—bacteria that builds up overtime and contaminates shower water as it comes out.

First off, daily cleaning with a squeegee after every use will make weekly cleaning much easier.

Clean Shower With Vinegar

Some household cleaning products will clean soap-scum and kill bacteria but will not remove mold. Distilled vinegar however will not only clean your shower but will get rid of mold as well. First, wet the glass and walls and use a squeegee to remove the water. Then, simply take a rag or cleaning cloth, add white vinegar and wipe down the glass hardware and walls. For the shower head, soak it with white vinegar overnight. Your shower will be clean and mold free.

For tougher stains, try using baking soda. In a bucket, mix tap water and baking soda to make a wet paste. Use this mixture to remove hard water stains plus mildew buildup.

Unconventional Uses For Commercial Products

Here are a few commercial products intended for other uses that do wonders for frameless shower doors

Bounce Fabric Softener

Fabric softener sheets can help loosen grime and buildup from shower enclosures and hardware enabling the actual cleaning to be much easier. Take a fabric softener sheet and get to work wiping down the entire shower glass, walls and hardware. Then clean the shower as instructed with a method above.


Here’s one that may really surprise you. WD-40 cleans glass! Spray on the shower glass whether the glass is dry or wet and wipe dry. This will remove soap scum and calcium deposits.

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